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Mysterious Flyer for Harmony Inundation Week
Post two weeks ahead in the areas of our community where you will be singing. This flyer is intended to get neighbors talking about it.

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Why is April 8-16 Harmony Inundation Week?

First you have to understand these points!
  1. April 11 is the 79th Anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society

    It's a great reason to share with people all over your community the wonderful sound of barbershop harmony.
  2. It's Outrageous fun

    You've been reading Magical Moments for over a year now and most of them happened with a Random Act of Harmony. It's the unplanned performances that create the sparks, that light up the faces, and that sometimes bring a joyful tear. The chapters that have done this discovered that their members want to do more. Since it just isn't fair for a couple chapters to have all the fun, we are inviting everyone to join in. It's especially easy because you don't have to learn new music. You just sing your best songs wherever you go.

  3. It's the Ultimate marketing plan

    The truth is that we need to be better known in our communities. We could spend a lot of money on advertising, but that doesn't put our product in front of people by showing up in random places and joyfully singing to lots of people. It's the low cost maximum connection effort.

  4. It's Effective recruiting at it's best

    Most of our members joined the society because they heard the "Barbershop Sound" and wanted to join in. For many of us what closed the deal was someone taking an interest in us and getting us to the first meeting where we heard that wonderful sound again. Random Acts of Harmony were recently proven to bring guests to chapter meetings by two Evergreen chapters.

  5. It's Barbershop Promotion with a Chapter prize

    We are asking chapters that participate to create quality videos of their Random Acts of Harmony. The Bud Leabo Memorial Fund has just approved some significant money for the best videos to use on our FaceBook page and our district website. Each chapter is invited to submit up to three videos of people in their community responding to a Random Act of Harmony. The top 24 videos will earn the chapters $100 per video accepted. A panel of three marketing and social media leaders will make the selections. What we want to see is the audience and how they are responding to your random act of harmony. We will also pay the first 30 chapters that sign up a maximum of $50 towards marketing materials for their Harmony Inundation Week. Each of our websites and our FaceBook page will provide the link to register your chapter. Or you can do it right now at Register for Harmony Inundation Week. You will be asked to login to the EVG Admin site to register. Soon we will give you the method to submit your request for marketing expenses and how to submit your videos.

  6. It's the power of a district wide effort

    We will likely make the news on many TV stations this way. Most of the typical news program is about terrible things that happen. This will be the first time they can announce a happy inundation. Some of you will be on TV. Smile big! If you can still find a public telephone, you can make an anonymous telephone call to a TV station in your area to alert them to a pending inundation. Mail one of our mysterious flyers to every media outlet near you a week before.

    OK, What do we do?

    1. First make sure that they know they are celebrating the 79th Anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Then make sure that every member of your chapter clears the week of April 8-16 so that they are free to radically inundate your community with enchanting barbershop harmony. Also make sure that they understand that they probably don't yet understand how much fun they will have.
    2. Sign up your chapter to participate. Our websites and FaceBook page have a link of Register for Harmony Inundation Week! Or you can do it right now at
    3. Start identifying places in your community where you will sing, then post a bunch of the flyers that we will provide you to announce our special week. The flyers are unusual in that they only hint about what is coming to keep your singing as a surprise to the last moment.
    4. At every chapter meeting take two minutes max to share effective approaches to getting guests to your chapter meetings. And it is vital that you have a guest welcoming process that supports your guests for the whole chapter meeting.
    5. Review your chapter meeting contents. Will your guests be comfortable, be welcomed, have fun, and want to return?
    6. Finally, assess the quality of your singing. You do want to make a good impression. If the songs you plan to sing would receive a score of 55 or better in contest, you are good to go.
    7. Have some extraordinary fun.

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